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4 Garage Door Spray Painting Myths & Facts

There are many ways to go about boosting your home’s curb appeal. Upgrading the appearance of your garage door is just one of those ways. In fact, garage door spray painting can be a fun DIY activity for getting creative while boosting your home’s curb appeal. If you aren’t sure about your skills with a brush, you can still paint your garage door using a sprayer. 

Spray painting is a great option for giving your garage door a fresh coat of paint If your garage door is made of steel, aluminum, wood, or vinyl. Of course, it’s important to know all the facts first about garage door spray painting. Read this blog to get some clarity on the myths and facts about this garage door painting method.

4 Garage Door Spray Painting Myths & Facts

You probably have some assumptions as to what garage door spray painting entails. Luckily, we are here to bust the following four myths:

garage door spray painting

MYTH: Garage Door Spray Painting Leaves No Messes

FACT: Garage door spray painting can be just as messy as using traditional painting methods. For this reason, you need to ensure you have the proper supplies and equipment to keep your work area paint-free. First, you’ll need a large canvas tarp to cover the ground or floor, so you won’t have to worry about washing off excess paint from your driveway or your garage floor. 

Then, you’ll need the right amount of masking tape to cover any parts of your garage door, such as the trim, so they don’t get spray painted. Finally, if there are any fixtures or plants nearby, cover them with plastic sheeting. These protective coverings will greatly reduce the amount of extra spray paint in unwanted areas on or near your garage door.

MYTH: You Can Use Any Kind Of Sprayer To Paint Your Garage Door

FACT: When it comes to garage door spray painting, some sprayers are more effective than others. The two best sprayers to use for this job are an airless sprayer and an HVLP sprayer. You also want to use a sprayer with a thick tip for maximum effectiveness. You should also ensure that there are 12 inches between the spray and the garage door to avoid overdoing the paint. Some airless sprayers that experts recommend using include ones manufactured by Graco and Titan.

MYTH: You Don’t Need To Do Any Preparation Before Spraying The Paint

FACT: Garage door spray painting requires the same amount of preparation as traditional painting methods. You’ll start by cleaning up all the dirt and debris with a vacuum or large rags, water, and a soap solution. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your garage door, you’ll need to sand and/or prime it. These processes will allow the paint to easily stick to your door and support its durability.

MYTH: Any Paint Can Be Used For Garage Door Spray Painting

FACT: You want to make sure you have the right kind of paint that’ll work with a sprayer and the material of your garage door. That’s why it’s essential that you start with paint options that are compatible with your garage door material, then narrow down based on which ones can work in a sprayer.

Boost Your Curb Appeal With Garage Door Repair Missouri City!

We hope that you feel better about garage door spray painting now that these myths have been debunked with the facts. Of course, painting your garage door is just one way to boost your home’s curb appeal. If you need help bringing vibrancy back to your garage door, our team at Garage Door Repair Missouri is at your service. Contact us today, and we will get your garage door back in excellent shape.

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