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4 Small Garage Art Studio Ideas

Is your garage door nothing more than a storage area that’s become increasingly crowded daily? Do you have an old detached garage that’s no longer useful now that you have a new, attached garage? Are you uncertain how you can make the most of this extra space? There are many ways to go for a garage conversion, but one idea that’s become increasingly popular is a small garage art studio. If you have the soul of an artist, but no room at home to truly express yourself, check out these four small garage art studio ideas in this blog.

1. Designate A Workspace

The first thing you want to do when creating a small garage art studio is to designate a part of your garage that will serve as your workspace. Do you need room for canvases on an easel? Is sculpting your artistic forte? Depending on the type of artwork you do, consider how much room you’ll need to do it and what supplies you’ll need to have out at all times. This workspace could come in the form of a workbench and table; if you have a cement floor, you’ll have an easier time cleaning up the mess.

2. Add Cabinets Or Shelves To Store Supplies

While you have more freedom to get messy in a small garage art studio, you still want to keep your supplies organized and ensure they’re accessible. For this reason, you should install shelves or cabinets in your garage to keep all your art supplies organized. If you’re worried about the cost of installing cabinets or shelves, there are plenty of DIY approaches you can consider. You can use empty boxes as makeshift cabinets or even install your own shelves in your garage wall with the help of some pegboard or wood slates.

3. Create A Display Area

Whenever you finish your latest artwork, you can pick a spot in your small garage art studio to put it on display. You can either put it on display temporarily or make it a permanent fixture. You can turn this part of your studio into a mini museum or gallery by changing out what’s on display. As you create more artwork, you can start selling some of it or move it into your home for decoration. If you decide to use this space to host small art classes, you can even show off your students’ work that they can later take home. 

4. Decorate The Walls With Finished Artwork

Speaking of decoration, you never have to worry about having a dull spot in your small garage art studio. If there are any paintings you feel particularly proud of, show them off by making them a permanent decorative feature of your art studio. You can even go the extra mile and have your pieces framed before hanging them up on the walls of your garage for all your family and friends to admire. If you would rather not hang up paintings in your garage, you could also get more creative and paint a mural on one of your garage walls.

Keep Your Garage In Shape With Garage Door Repair Missouri City!

If you have the soul of an artist, then we hope these four small garage art studio ideas were absolutely inspiring. However, if you want to consider a creative garage conversion, many more ideas should be considered. If you’re still using your garage for its intended purpose, ensuring it stays in great shape is essential. From garage door opener difficulties to broken springs, you should always have a reliable garage door service on hand to help at any time. Contact us today for the most reliable garage door service in Missouri City.

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