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Why You Should Indulge In Garage Door Painting

The desire to get a new garage door can almost always pop up when seeing a new or beautiful garage door. However, it may not be feasible for many people on a budget to obtain. Well, did you know that there are some ways you can obtain the look of a new garage door without the costly fees of replacing your garage door? It’s by indulging in garage door painting. Have you ever thought about painting your garage door? Well, you should! Not only could you bring out your most creative self, but you could also expect to see a transformation from your garage door. If you’re on the fence about indulging in garage door painting, keep reading our informative blog!

What Are The Benefits Of Garage Door Painting?

Well, what’s better than being able to save money on a fun and creative DIY? While this is a great benefit to garage door painting, there are many others. Let’s get into a few more.

Standing out

With garage door painting, you would be able to entice that inner child of yours to be as creative as you wish. If you want to be the only person on the block with a lime-green garage door, you could do that. The point of standing out is to present your idea of your perfect garage door color. No matter what color you choose, it will help make your house stand out, pop, and give that “wow” factor.

Easy Maintenance

Have you ever power-washed your garage door too closely and chipped some paint off? Well, if that happens with your garage door, you wouldn’t need to worry about it too much. Because with garage door painting, making touch-ups on it would be a breeze. You would already have the paint, so you wouldn’t need to worry about the wait time of hearing back from your garage door manufacturer. In addition, you wouldn’t need to worry about trying to get a paint sample for a match at The Home Depot. 

Change Whenever You Want

Do you ever feel the need to change your surroundings? Maybe that applies to your garage door. Well, with garage door painting, you could change the color as often as you want. So if one month you love your eggshell cream color, but then the next month you want a royal blue, you could keep switching as often as you like. 


If your garage door is dinged or missing paint chips, then you may have considered replacing your garage door altogether. However, you may have realized that replacing your garage door is not cost-friendly. Well, garage door painting is. While paint can get expensive when picking certain brands and finishes, it is a fraction of the price of replacing your garage door. In addition, if you are indulging in garage door painting as a DIY, you would also be saved from the labor cost. 

How Can I Do Garage Door Painting Myself?

If the benefits of garage door painting are tempting you to do it, you may have wondered how you can go about completing a project. Well, that’s a great question. Let’s go over it.

Step 1: Find Your Paint Color

If you are going to indulge in garage door painting, it would be best to find a paint color you like first. You will want to also research the best finish and what paint brand you like. 

Step 2: Wash your Garage door

Now that you have found your paint color, your next step is washing your garage door. You wouldn’t want to paint over dirt buildup, would you? Make sure to wash your garage door with warm soapy water and a soft sponge before getting started.

(Optional) Step 3: Sand Down Your Garage Door 

When deciding to paint, you want a flat and even base. This means that if your garage door has buildup from dirt, you will need to remove that. To do this you need to determine the material your garage door is made out of. If your garage door is made from wood, then you can completely sand down your garage door to remove that original paint color and any imperfections. If your garage door is not made from wood, then you will need to use a wire brush to remove any buildup or paint imperfections. After that, you can then sand those areas down lightly.

Step 4: Tape Areas You Do Not Want To Paint

The worst thing about garage door painting is accidentally painting over an area that you didn’t mean to paint. So to avoid this from happening, you will want to tape areas such as the hardware that you do not want to paint.

Step 5: Prime Your Garage Door

If your garage door is currently a dark color and you wish to paint it a lighter color, you will want to prime your garage door. In addition, priming your garage door before painting can help to seal the surface of your garage door, use fewer coats depending on the color, improve the paint’s ability to stick, and make your color pop.

Step 6: Paint Your Garage Door 

Once you have your garage door primed and it has dried thoroughly, you can go ahead and do your garage door painting! However, you may not feel comfortable completing this step yourself. If that’s the case, you can always reach out to a professional for assistance. 

Get Your Garage Door Painting Done With Our Team’s Help! 

If you decide that you want more than what garage door painting can offer, Garage Door Repair Missouri City TX can help you with your garage door replacement. You can expect our expert technicians to help you find your perfect garage door. Call us at (832) 939-3792 or contact us on our website.

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