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How To Replace A Garage Door Seal

A garage door seal comes with countless benefits. These benefits include protecting your garage door from the impact of weather and protection from insects and rodents. Insulation and increased durability are two other notable perks of garage door seals. However, whether it’s the passage of time or exposure to the elements, garage door seals will need to be replaced at some point. Before we dive into how to replace a garage door seal, let’s look at the telltale signs that we need to replace a garage door seal. 

3 Signs That Your Garage Door Seal Needs Replacing 

1. The Garage Door Seal Shows Visible Damage

Are your garage door seals sustaining visible water damage? Does it look like a rodent attempted to chew through it? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” your garage door seal needs to be replaced. Any visible damage on your garage door seals indicates that it won’t be able to work as effectively as before and needs to be changed. 

2. The Garage Door Seal Is Worn Out

The wear and tear over time can also result in the need to replace a garage door seal. If your garage door seals look rougher than they were upon their installation, or you notice more air and light are easily entering your garage, then the days of those seals are numbered. A new garage door seal will more effectively keep your garage fully insulated. 

3. The Garage Door Seal Keeps Falling Out Of Place 

Is your garage door seal falling out of place? Do you find that you still need to constantly put the seal back into place more often than not? If you need to reposition the seal this often, then it’s time to find a replacement for your garage door seal. 

How To Replace A Garage Door Seal In 3 Steps 

Now that you know how to tell when a garage door seal needs to be replaced, we are going to explore the steps involved in how to replace a garage door seal. 

1. Determine What Kind of Garage Door Seal You Will Purchase 

Before you even remove the garage door seal, consider what brand you currently use and whether or not you want to continue with it or use a different garage door seal brand. If you aren’t sure what garage door seal will work best for you, you can consult a technician for insight. Do not forget to take the appropriate measurements for your new garage door seal either. 

2. Remove The Old Garage Door Seal 

Once you know for sure what garage door seal you will use and once it arrives at your home, proceed to remove the old garage door seal. Upon disposing of the old seal, you can begin to install the new garage door seal. 

3. Install The New Garage Door Seal 

The process of installing a new garage door seal, while straightforward, still deserves its own step-by-step breakdown. After removing the seals, clean the retainer before installing the new seals. After cleaning it, you will then need to lubricate the retainer. When installing the seals, you will need to pull the parts that form a T-shape into the retainer ends before putting the rest of the seal into the whole retainer. It is recommended that you complete this with a helper, like a friend or family member, to keep the rest of the seal in the retainer, so you don’t find yourself going back and forth sealing it. Make sure they are secure and folded into the retainer. 

After installing the new seals, check the perimeter to ensure it’s safe to test out your new seals by running the garage door opener. 

how to replace a garage door seal

Take Your Next Steps With Garage Door Repair Missouri City!

Knowing when and how to replace a garage door seal will allow you to keep your garage door in excellent condition. However, it’s okay if you find yourself needing help with any part of the process of replacing a garage door seal. That is why our technicians at Garage Door Repair Missouri City and ready and here to help with any of your garage door seal needs. Contact us today and get started! 

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