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Can You Replace Garage Door Panels?

Garage door panels can make or break your home’s curb appeal. If they are well maintained and consistently taken care of, they will continue to be an asset to your home’s market value. Otherwise, poorly kept garage door panels can not only bring down your home’s curb appeal and market value but also make your garage more dangerous to use. Sometimes though, only one or a few panels will appear to be in less than ideal shape, which might move you to ask the question: “Can you replace garage door panels?” Today we will answer that question for you to the most thorough extent possible.

When To Replace Garage Door Panels

When answering the question “Can you replace garage door panels?”, you first need to know when to replace individual garage door panels instead of the entire garage door. If only one or two garage door panels are severely dented or damaged, you can save money by having those panels replaced. Another scenario where you can get away with only replacing the panels is if a single panel has noticeably aged more than the others and needs to be replaced to match the rest of the panels.

When To Replace The Entire Garage Door

Unfortunately, there will be situations where a complete garage door replacement is not only required but ultimately more cost-effective than individual panel replacement. Times when the answer to “can you replace garage door panels” might be “no,” include the following:

1. The Make And Model Is No Longer Available

Sometimes, when trying to replace your garage door panels, you might learn that the exact make and model of that garage door or panel is no longer being produced. While this predicament is particularly frustrating, you will likely need to replace your entire garage door if you want to make sure it completely matches.

2. Multiple Garage Door Panels Are Severely Damaged

If more than two panels are severely damaged, replacing your entire garage door might be the more cost-effective solution. While replacing one or two garage door panels can cost less than replacing a whole garage door, you might end up breaking the bank if you try to replace five individual panels. In cases of severe damage, it’s best to replace the whole garage door.

can you replace garage door panels?

3. The Garage Door Is Near Or At The End Of Its Lifespan

The average lifespan of a garage door is anywhere from fifteen to thirty years, depending on the type of garage door, its style, and its material. If one of your panels is visibly aging, and your garage door is more than fifteen years old, then take advantage of the opportunity to replace your garage door and refresh your home’s curb appeal.

What To Do Before You Replace Garage Door Panels

By now, you understand that, depending on the situation, the answer to “Can you replace garage door panels” is “yes.” In cases where you can replace garage door panels, you need to take some important steps, which consist of the following:

1. Determine Panel Dimensions

First, you’ll need to make sure you know the exact measurements of the panels. Obtain accurate measurements for length and width so that your replacement panels will fit into your garage door seamlessly.

2. Find Out The Garage Door Make And Model

Next, find out where your garage door came from, who made it, and if there was a serial number or order confirmation to allow the manufacturer to produce the correct replacement. 

3. Figure Out The Exact Color And Style

In addition to the make and model, determine the exact color of your panels. The last thing you want is for your new panel to arrive and mismatch the rest of your garage door in terms of shade. For example, rather than settle for describing your garage door as brown, be specific with terms like tan, terra cotta, or coffee, among others. After obtaining all the information described, you can proceed to order the replacement panel.

4. Find A Reliable Technician

Last but most certainly not least, find a reliable technician to replace your garage door panels. The best way to find a reliable technician is to check out reviews, ask for credentials, and check out pricing options. Once you find a reliable garage door technician, you will be able to replace your garage door panels. 

“Can You Replace Garage Door Panels?” Yes, We Can!

Now that you know that, under the right circumstances, the answer to “Can you replace garage door panels?” is “yes,” you can proceed to take care of replacing them by using the process described in this blog. If you live in Missouri City, you don’t need to look far for a reliable garage door technician. If you ask our technicians at Garage Door Repair Missouri City if they can replace garage door panels, they will say, “Yes, we can!” Contact us today and get started.

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